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Our mission is to provide resources
that enable the high schoolers of today
to become the innovators of tomorrow.

MetroHacks Women

Every year, we host the largest 12 hour hackathon for women in the Boston/Cambridge area, featuring an inspiring speaker lineup, empowering workshops, fun prizes, and much more! Join us on February 23rd, 2019.

MetroHacks 24 Hours

Over 300+ high schoolers have attended our flagship hackathon in which for 24 hours, teens from all over the United States gather to innovate, collaborate, and code the solutions of tomorrow! Whether it's engaging workshops, exciting prizes, or good food, MetroHacks has something for everyone!

Hacker Project TRACKS


Create a hack that leverages technology to improve the way our community, society and government function. Projects that fall into this track often aim to unite different walks of society and enable users to take civic responsibility into their own hands.


Build a project that would make Mother Nature proud. Projects on this track utilize technology, especially hardware, to combat some of the world's most rapidly growing environmental issues including global warming, pollution, and the energy crisis.


Bring the doctors office into our homes! Projects on this track could utilize wearable technology for patient monitoring outside the clinic, could enable a patient to schedule a consultation with their doctor over an app, or help people live healthier lifestyles. They are typically concerned with ensuring the well being of the user, either mentally, physically, emotionally, or all three.